Program Development

We will meet with you and determine how to best accomplish what you have in mind. We can provide support that best addresses your needs, including the provision of tools and equipment.

New Construction

We can help with advise regarding your design concept & construction drawings. We are available to work alongside you or provide supervision and/or oversight.

Repair / Rehabilitation of existing structures

We can provide assistance to address rot problems, as well as help with alterations or additions to your home or cabin.

Historic Preservation of Pre-1950 structures

Structures that are greater than 50 years old are considered ‘historic’ in some instances. I tend to think of the CCC era (Civilian Conservation Corps) during the Works Projects Administration (WPA) as a fairly clean line of ‘historic’ when it comes to log structures. Some of these Park and Recreation Structures remain but many have been destroyed. Working to repair and preserve our cultural heritage is important to me.

The few remaining structures built during the 1830’s – 1930’s’s deserve to be given our attention in order to retain a visual representation of life, not so long ago.

Re-purposing, Reconstructing and Modernizing salvaged log buildings

We look forward to participating with you in the re-assembly of dismantled log buildings from near and far.

Converting them into comfortable quarters, surrounded by their silent testimony of days gone by, is a respectful and rewarding endeavor.

Recycling at its best.


Please contact us for more information