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2020 Course Offerings

Log Building Fundamentals

Course Description

Focused on traditional, pre-1940’s methods, students leave Cascadian’s Log Building Fundamentals Course with a strong foundation upon which to further develop their log building skills. Students learn fundamental terminology and concepts of natural log construction, gaining knowledge and skills to design and assemble basic log structures.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Practice safe work habits
  • Use appropriate tools and techniques to achieve tight joinery
  • Care for and maintain edge tools
  • Design a simple log structure
  • Layout logs for various uses
  • Accomplish a variety of notch types
  • Create and assemble a variety of log building styles

Topics covered in the log building course:

  • Forestry Principles
  • Design Considerations
  • Tool Use
  • Layout Procedures
  • Corner notches
  • Full scribe long grooves
  • Log joinery for various occasions
  • Floor & Foundation Styles & Systems
  • Wall & Roof Assembly
  • Vertical & Horizontal Log Assembly
  • Chinking & Daubing
  • & More