About The Cascadian School of Log Building and Design

The Cascadian School of Log Building & Design empowers students with everything they need to design and build their own log structures.

The school is founded on the concept that early log structures represent a significant architectural component of this nation’s history. From the “long-houses” of the Northwest Native Peoples, the grand lodges and recreational structures found in our National Forests, National Parks, and State Parks, and the early legacy log cabins that remain today in our neighborhoods and wildlands, these structures allow us to reconnect with our ancestors and the memories they left behind.

By providing hands-on educational courses on these traditional styles of building and joinery, a new workforce is equipped with the skills required to ensure that these remaining historic log buildings can be repaired and re-purposed for generations to come.

Cascadian’s courses offer students the opportunity to learn about the skills and tools needed for new construction projects, as well as the proper procedures required for historic preservation of existing log cabin structures.

Contact Information

David C. Rogers

PO Box 390

Rhododendron, Oregon  97049

PO Box 390
Rhododendron, Oregon 97049

Email: logdoctor@aol.com

Cascadian School’s History & Instructor Experience

The Cascadian School of Log Building & Design is the culmination of Founder David C. Rogers’ decades of log building and restoration experience.

David’s company Logs & Timbers, LLC has performed work as a general contractor for nearly 40 years, and his expertise has been leveraged by many different clients, including The National Park Service, U. S. Forest Service, U. S. Fish & Wildlife Service, First Nation Tribal Government Agencies, Oregon Parks & Recreation Department, Washington State Parks and Recreation Department, various County and City Government Agencies, Restore Oregon, and many property/homeowners located in Alaska, California, Wyoming, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana.

Read on to learn more about the unique background of The Cascadian School and its Founder.

About David C. Rogers

For over 40 years, Logs & Timbers, LLC Founder David Rogers has been passionate about log work.

David began his career in the forests of Northern California in 1972, setting chokers for the logging industry. With a desire to further develop his skills, he went on to the B. Allan Mackie School of Log Building and Environmental Centre, from which he graduated in 1983. Legendary log builder and teacher B. Allan Mackie took note of David’s enthusiasm, and immediately hired him to be an instructor, enlisting him to teach “Principles of Log Building” during several periods from 1983-1985.

After departing the Mackie School, this acclaimed craftsman has spent nearly four decades of honing his log building preservation expertise. As a general contractor, his highly-recognized experience includes new log home design & construction, historic log structure repair, rehabilitation and restoration, preservation planning, design, timber framing, and splitting cedar logs for traditional material use.

In addition to applying his log building and preservation services to specific construction projects, David has also taught and shared his skills to others through various educational sessions, workshops, and presentations. His vast range of experience led David to redefine log building education by teaching students about the variation in techniques associated with restorative projects as compared to new builds.

With his love for log structures, and a desire to maintain these historic buildings for years to come, David eventually formed the Cascadian School of Log Building & Design to empower future generations of log enthusiasts and builders.

David’s challenging and successful construction work includes:

  • Extensive repair of the 1840’s Jackson House at Lewis and Clark State Park in Chehalis, Washington
  • New private log homes in Sitka and remote site cabins for The Kenai National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska
  • Restoring the 1874 Hewn Dovetail Church for the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation in Nespelem, Washington
  • Repairing and renovating a broad list of private log homes
  • Constructing two “long houses”, one for the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde in Oregon, and the other for the Chinook Nation, in partnership with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service in Washington.