Curiosity in something of interest is the beginning of a journey, the proverbial ‘first step’. Building with logs has been an activity performed by the people who dwell on this Earth since the first occupants required warmth or shelter. Utilizing the native materials at hand, in the environment at hand, produces as many expressions of creative problem solving as there have been those who have put their hand to the task. The outcome of those efforts has produced experiential knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. Those gifted with the ability to express themselves concerning topics related to the craft of building with logs have done us a great service with their works.

The following short list of books and authors has served me well since my ‘first step’. Of course, there are many other books and authors who can provide great assistance on many topics in which your curiosity and interest will lead you. The library is probably one of the most important of tools.

The Owner Built Log House by B. Allan Mackie
Effective Practices and Methods for Handcrafted Log Home Construction by International Log Builders Association
Log Construction Manual by Robert Chambers
The Craft of Log Building by Hermann Phleps
Building with Logs by B. Allan Mackie
Notches of All Kinds by B. Allan Mackie
Log Span Tables by B. Allan Mackie and Tom Hahney
Park and Recreation Structures by Albert H. Good
The Craft of Modular Post and Beam by James Mitchell
Open Timber Roofs of the Middle Ages by Raphael and J. Arthur Brandon
Historic American Roof Trusses by Jan Lewandoski